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Kit of Hello Kitty Stickers for Nails

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Ref 10041
Price 17,24 $


Decorate nails with Hello Kitty

Precious Sticker Designs with micro glitter.

For decorating natural and artificial nails.

Beautiful assorted stickers with Hello Kitty designs, they are extra thin with micro glitter, easy to apply. 

The kit includes 4 sheets of assorted Hello Kitty stickers. 

One tweezer to help remove the sticker from the plastic sheet and

a bottle of Top Coat (15 Ml.)

Choose the design and remove it with a tweezer as shown on the above picture, place it over the surface of the natural or artificial nail previously polished and dry, press with the tweezer and cover with a coat of O'Nails Top Coat. (Ref. 1501) 

To remove the degisn apply Polish Remover (Ref. 2012 o 2011)


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