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How to Harden Natural Nails with Clear Gel without tips

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How to harden Natural Nails with Clear Gel using the

O´Nails Coating System Kit (Ref. 3003)

With this system you will attain harder nails permanently allowing them to grow without breaking. The nail polish will adhere perfectly lasting 3 weeks until refill or maintenance is required.






Plug in The U.V. lamp to the outlet and place all the products on the working.

Good lighting is recommended.

Remove nail polish or other substances on the nails with polish remover.
Wash hands and nails with water and soap, dry them very well.



File The nail giving the desired shape.


Push to cuticle backwards with the point of the file and remove the natural shine of the entire surface of the nail, filing it with the roughest part of it, including the cuticle area.



Remember that it is not necessary to put pressure on the nail, it consists in just removing the shiness of the entire surface of the nail leaving it opache.


Eliminate the fine dust with the brush. Do not do it with the fingers.

If it is done with the fingers, oil will be placed again on the surface of the nail.


Proceed to place a coat of SAFEBOND (REf. 2007) on the natural nail to attain a perfect adhesion of the Clear Gel (Ref. 1937),



Let it dry for 20 seconds. (DO NOT INTRODUCE IN THE LAMP)



Open the BRUSH CLEANER (Ref. 2004) container





Dry the brush of the BRUSH CLEANER with an absorbent paper (Kleenex Type)







Insert the brush into the O´NAILS GEL, take a considerable amount and squeeze to one side of the container like when applying regular nail polish.






Apply a coat of the CLEAR GEL over the entire surface of the nail as if applying nail polish, FROM THE CUTICLE  THE THE END OF THE NAIL. WITH A SINGLE STROKE.

Do not exert pressure, only place it. Dip the brush again in the Gel and do the same process until attaining complete covering of the natural nail.

Level it well from the cuticle until the tip of the nail. Take your time...applying it, the gel will not dry until you decide to introduce the nail inside the U.V. lamp.






Clean the excess of gel from the cuticle with the orange wood stick.






 Clean the excess of Gel on the paper towel.



Turn the sand timer and proceed to place the nail inside the the U.V. lamp (Already turned on) for 3 minutes (until the sand goes down).



Place another coat of Gel and introduce it again in the lamp for another 3 minutes (until the sand goes down).





It is recommended a minimum of 2 coats or layers of Gel, the first time our system is used.




When removing the nail from the U.V lamp, the Gel will be already hard,  but notice it is sticky.

THIS IS NORMAL. Now spray the STICK-OFF (Ref.2005) liquid  several times over the surface of the nail




Dry it with the paper towel, removing the STICK-OFF AS IF YOU WERE REMOVING NAIL POLISH GENTLY.




Repeat if it is necessary, until the stickness is gone when touching it with the fingers.


The nail will look shiny and strong, without need of filing and ready to apply your favorite nail polish after washing!




To harden the 10 nails follow the previous steps and place first the 4 fingers of a hand inside the U.V. lamp during 3 minutes, afterwards the other 4 fingers, and finally the thumbs.

MAINTENANCE: Remove the nail polish and with the file level the gel you already have on your nails with your growed natural nail, until leaving it opaque and with the tip of the file push the cuticle backwards. Remove the fine dust with the brush, apply a coat of SAFEBOND over the entire surface of the nail from the cuticle until the tip of the nail (although it has gel), let it dry for 20 seconds and proceed to apply a coat of the O´NAILS GEL over the entire surface of the nail as you did the first  time, from the cuticle until the tip of the nail. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO APPLY ONLY ONE COAT OR LAYER OF GEL FOR THE MAINTENANCE AND PROCEED TO FOLLOW THE PREVIOUS STEPS.


















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